Indoor Cycling Workshop

Only place for Private 1-to-1 Indoor Cycling Workshop
You might not be aware or you are aware of the many group Indoor Cycling Workshops that “Certify” you. But when you arrive you don’t receive personal attention or have all your questions and needs addressed. Many fitness leaders and professionals attend these very expensive one day workshops and pay several hundreds of dollars but find out they are 1 out of up to 50 people.

At we offer private one-on-one workshop. For 2 hours you will have a leader focusing only on you so you can leave with a certificate of completion. You will learn:

  • Cycling Overview
  • Getting Ready
  • Technical Aspects
  • Class Design
  • Accessories and Enhancements
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor Manual

j2You also receive a Goniometer which will help you offer the best bike fit for your members. We also give you a usb with indoor cycling classes. Some songs are for warm-ups, while some are for hills, and others for drills. Plus you also receive an Indoor Cycling Tank-Top. A certificate of completion will be issued helping you feel more confident and putting you on the road to success. All this for 149 Complete !

Cities that offer the personal one-on-one workshop

The next sessions available are November 13 to 15 2014


And the best thing is you receive a free consultation. Please contact us today