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We trust that you are aware that the Indoor Cycling Industry has become a multi-million dollar market?

Indoor Cycling Channel is very selective and only works with suitable and vetted studios, instructor, or products. If your aim is to make the correct choice with your marketing dollars then Indoor Cycling Channel is your best move.

2021 was an epic year for Indoor Cycling Channel.  We are number one in the fitness and health community for Indoor Cycling & Spinning.  As such, there is now no question that our channels and platforms have the largest spinning and indoor cycling community.  Tens of thousands monthly.

For studio owners.  We are sure you agree that if just one new customer who is paying $99 per month sticks around for one year that would equal to 1200 dollars.   Now imagine if just 5 customers become monthly members?  That is 60 new members a year.   

  That is why our promo of just $999 USA to reach thousands of Indoor Cycling fans is a no brainer.  What is one  new member or sale worth to you?


If you are a brand, or sell any Indoor Cycling related product then our channels and platforms are the wisest choice when it comes to your marketing dollars. Even more good news.  Indoor Cycling Channel is only a few years old. As such.  We are are constantly doubling our traffic and enjoying more followers–more fans–more publicity.  

Of course we always begin with Google the world’s top search engine. The first huge benefit  of being on all our Indoor Cycling platforms is that after getting listed on our platforms, Google gives you a HIGHER RANK– reaching thousands more potential members.

As such leveraging the top Influencers like Indoor Cycling Channel the leaders in the Indoor Cycling community should and must be your top priority,  especially if your goal is reaching 1000’s of Indoor Cycling and fitness lovers.

To begin.  We own the top Indoor Cycling channels and networks.

7) (recently acquired)

For just 999 a year (cancel anytime, with 100% refund), you are listed on ALL THE PLATFORMS including videos and images and ad copy.

To conclude. We will

  1. Post your business/brand images, videos, texts, ads, promos on ALL OUR PLATFORMS.
  2. Design and customize ALL your social media and Internet graphics. Such as proper headers, banners etc.
  3. Create a channels for you at no extra cost such as a new Pinterest Business Channel, Or a new Instagram channel.  PLUS. Design and customize all graphics.
  4. Offer you Google Maps and GOOGLE LOCAL advertising and LOCAL SEO.  Including graphics such as promos, offers, videos etc.
  5. Call you and remain in contact as many times as you wish.  Which means that you get a professional fitness marketing consultation at no extra charge !!  (778 725 4899)

 We even edit your images and videos (even fix lighting, sound, etc) and even cut them to be one minute for Instagram or Twitter free.  This means that within 24 hours you will be reaching thousands of highly-qualified Indoor Cycling and Fitness lovers.

spinning classes

Lets begin with Twitter:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCycling

Here is a recent metric for your review


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Now. Lets move to Pinterest:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCycling

 Please note. it gets HIGHER when you are reading this for sure.

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Lets move to Facebook:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCyclingSociety

Please note. it gets HIGHER when you are reading this for sure.

Lets move to our Website:

We are proud owners of

  Please note. it gets HIGHER when you are reading this for sure.

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Here is the Google Analytics

We have left the best news at the end.  Because Indoor Cycling Channel is only a few years old. We are are constantly enjoying more followers, more traffic, more publicity.  Just one new customer and you win because you are only paying 999 dollars.

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Were you aware that Google considers us number one?  Great.  Just visit Google and type in “indoor Cycling Instagram”.  Here is a picture for you. 

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All our work is done with 48 hours. Plus you are safe we use Paypal. 

ONLY $999 USA to reach thousands of Indoor Cycling fans. What is one sale worth to you?