Indoor Cycling Magazine Advertising

To begin.  We are sure you are aware that the Indoor Cycling Industry has become a multi-million dollar market.

Leveraging Social Influencers such as Indoor Cycling Magazine who are–if not the leaders in the Indoor Cycling community–are most definitely in the top 10 has become the obvious choice.   If you plan on getting ahead of your competition and increase brand awareness then making the correct decisions will lead to the desired income.

Where else will you get the opportunity to have EVERGREEN content on

1) IndoorCycling,ca


(Definition of Evergreen Content for those new to Social Media Marketing)

Below is a quick summary of the opportunities for you to increase your traffic and sales.  Our contact info is below.  Cheers

Lets begin with Twitter:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCycling

Here is a recent metric for your review



NOW. Lets move to Instagram:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCycling

Below is stats for for the week of Sept 6 2017.  It will be HIGHER when you are reading this for sure.


Now. Lets move to Pinterest:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCycling

Lets move to Facebook:

We are proud owners of @IndoorCyclingCentral


Lets move to our Website:

We are proud owners of

Here is the Google Analytics



More good news.  We are only a few years old and are expected to multiple our traffic now that we are taking this project seriously and professionally