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Indoor Cycling Society is a professional and ethical organization.  We are sure many are aware of that and of course support that.  We hope you don’t expect us to just be cheerleaders of every Spin Studio that opens up.  Which is why we are now the world’s largest online Spin community. We own the top Indoor Cycling Platforms such as our world famous INSTAGRAM account @IndoorCyclingTV  and our world famous YOUTUBE account @indoorCycling.

The reason we became so popular is because we also look out for the consumers or riders.  Which is why we were very troubled when we heard how the SPINCO brand caused pain and suffering to many PAYING MEMBERS.  Please read below the pain that Spinco caused paying members.

In their own words.

spinco franchise reviews

What can Ms. Thompson do against a corporation like Spinco?  She relies on people like Indoor Cycling Society to get Justice for her.

By the way we have more complaints but we wanted to keep this report short for you.  However there are more victims.

What is even more troubling is that Spinco truly ignored complaints and even DELETED THEM.  Please look below and see how they DELETED the concerns and inquires of the victims.  This is chilling.

spinco reviews


Notice how Spinco Deleted comments?  Isn’t that disgusting?

Is that why Spinco Brand enjoys a DARK THEME?   Were you aware that Spinco like black balloons?   Kind of sinister, we are sure you agree.   Soulcycle uses yellow, and CycleBar uses red.  But Spinco likes black balloons.  Have a look.

spinco likes black balloons

spinco likes black balloons.

We could end it right here and that would be more than enough to raise a red flag when one considers Spinco.  But there is more and it gets worse.

Now leads read about how they treated a minority member who is Middle-eastern.

All the Spincos we have encountered are owned by white owners and white managers, which that alone is egregious.

However it becomes even worse and perhaps a hate-crime when the Middle-Eastern customer was a loyal customer since DAY ONE, when the Vancouver Spinco opened.  This customer has spent thousands on Spinco and even promoted them on social media.  However what they did to him is heart-breaking and borders on a hate-crime.

The middle-eastern customer a monthly pass customer.  On August 21 he had one pass left, which is worth about 20 dollars.  The middle-eastern customer asked the manager Joey Robertson, a white anglo saxon man, if the middle-eastern get a 24 hour extention and apply that pass to another class.  (And that class us usually 75 percent empty).

What is most chilling is that instead of Joey Robertson, the white anglo saxon, manager saying: “sure no problem”, we will extend your pass 24 hours because you have been with us since day one, instead Spinco tells the middle-eastern man who has been there since day one that they will not grant him an 24 hour extention and he will lose 20 dollars.  Just disturbing even writing about it and we are sure you have become disturbed which such mean-spirted and hateful conduct.

joey robertson vancouver

Here is proof the middle-eastern customer activity

As you see above, the Middle-eastern customer was a loyal customer since day one.  But Spinco “stabbed him in the back” just like they did to their other customers.  This mean and mendacious business should not escape justice.

We hope some of you are asking. “Well did the middle-eastern customer contact Spinco head office?  Which is a great question.  And the answer is yes. Several times.  But the unprofessional management at Spinco stands behind that hate.

To conclude. The following could be the best reason to boycott Spinco.  Were you aware the Vancouver Spinco chose a location in a neighbourhood that is notorious for crime and drug use?   Just recently the popular brand “Body Energy Club” which was a few doors away closed because of saftey concerns.  So for safety and health reasons you should avoid Spinco. See pictures below:


Spinco hastings